What You Need To Know About Having Your Windshield Replaced

The windshield on your car or truck is designed to take a light impact without damage, but the glass can crack and spider if the impact is too significant. Replacing the windshield is not something most people can do on their own, so having an auto glass company handle the windshield replacement for you is your best option. 

Repair Estimates

When you have a crack or break in your car or truck's windshield, it is a good idea to call several auto glass shops and get prices for the glass and installation. It is important to check several companies because there can be a price difference for the windshield replacement between companies, depending on the glass they are using and if they charge for the installation. 

The glass may have some options, like a tinted top edge or a defroster in the glass's bottom edge. It is essential to ask about those items when you are getting prices because if the car came with those options, the glass price you get may not be accurate or could be for the wrong glass. Ask about anything you are not sure about so that you are clear about the windshield replacement and the installation process. 

In-Shop Repairs

If you take your car to the auto glass shop for the windshield replacement, you can wait for them to finish the work, or you can drop it off and come back later. Most windshields can be installed in about an hour, but ask at the shop and then tell you what the repair's waiting time will be.

If you have other things to do in the area, dropping the car off is more convenient, and then the tech won't be rushed to finish the job. The result is often a better installation and glass that will not leak when it is raining.

Mobile Repairs

Another option you may want to consider is mobile windshield replacement services. Just like it sounds, mobile services mean the shop comes to you instead of you going to them. Once the windshield is received at the shop, a technician comes and does the windshield replacement in your driveway or in the parking lot where you work. 

Most mobile windshield replacement services will operate out of a truck or van that has all the tools they need to do the work wherever you are parked, but the weather does have to be good because taking the old glass out when it is raining out would damage the interior of the car. If it is raining or snowing the day you are scheduled for mobile windshield repair, you may have to reschedule the work.

To learn more, contact a windshield replacement service.

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