Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Vehicle

Extend spring cleaning to your vehicle this year. Spring is a great time to take care of necessary maintenance on your vehicle. Here are a few things you should check-up on this spring.

#1 Change the Cabin Air Filter

Start spring off with some fresh air by changing the cabin air filter for your vehicle. On some vehicles, it is easy to change your cabin air filter, and on other vehicles, a mechanic may need to get involved in order to change your cabin air filter due to its location. It is a smart idea to change out your cabin air filter at least once a year, and spring is a great time to complete this yearly task. Changing out the cabin air filter will help keep things clean inside your cabin.

#2 Change the Engine Air Filter

The cabin air filter is not the only filter that you should change. You should also change the engine air filter as well. The engine air filters remove and keep impurities from getting into your engine. Your engine pulls in and requires air in order to function. Most engine air filters are easy to access and change out. This is another important yearly task that will help keep your car engine in good shape.

#3 Give Your Vehicle a Deep Washing

It is easy to skip over washing your car during the winter months. Now that it is nicer outside, it is time to give your vehicle a nice deep clean. To get your wheel clean and looking great, clean them with some white vinegar and water. The vinegar will cut through and remove any grease or build-up on your tires, and leave the rims shinning. After you clean your vehicle, it's time to apply a protective wax coating. A protective wax coating will help protect your vehicle's paint job from the various natural elements that can damage your vehicle, from the sun to bird droppings to sap.

#4 Clean Up the Inside of Your Vehicle

It is time to clean up the inside of your vehicle as well. Wipe off and remove all the dust on your steering wheel, console, and dash. Then, put a little olive oil on a cloth, and run it over your dash, steering wheel, and console. The olive oil will help seal in moisture and keep these interior parts of your vehicle from cracking up.

Vacuum off your seats and the floors. Remove the car mats and vacuum under them. Scrub the car mats down with some laundry soap and allow them to dry. Clean leather seats with a baking soda and vinegar paste mixture. Rub this mixture into your seats, allow it to dry, and vacuum up any crumbs. This mixture will deodorize your vehicle and help protect your seats from wear and tear as well.

This spring clean-up your car by having both the engine and cabin air filters changed. Deep clean the inside and outside of your car; a little extra attention occasionally can really keep your vehicle in good shape. For more information, contact your local Lexus auto shop services.

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