Ultimate Off-Road Machines: 3 Essential Improvements For Cross Country Road Trips

Getting ready to go on a cross-country road trip is a lot of fun. You may want to take your road trip off-road with an SUV or truck. There are some improvements that you will want to do to your vehicle if you are planning on an off-road cross-country road trip, such as luggage, spare parts and protection like brush guards. Here are some of the essential improvements that you will want to do to get ready for an off-road adventure:

1. Supply Racks and Attachments for Extra Materials

There are going to be a lot of extra supplies that you will want to take with you on an off-road road trip. Racks for luggage and supplies will be essential before you hit the trails. In addition, make sure that you have brackets for spare parts, gas cans, and any other equipment you want to secure to the outside of your vehicle.

2. Brush Guards to Protect the Most Vulnerable Components of Vehicles

When you are traveling off-road, your vehicle is going to be exposed to some extreme conditions. Debris on trails can cause serious damage to your vehicle, which is why you want to protect things like lights, radiators and vulnerable components with brush guards. In addition, you can have the undercarriage coated with a protective paint to prevent problems caused by dirt and debris. An auto body and painting service can help with adding the body parts and doing the off-road protective coatings for you.

3. Under Carriage Plates and Coatings to Protect Against Damage from Debris

There are also mechanical components on the undercarriage of your vehicle that need to be protected. For these vulnerable parts, you will want to install protective plates to prevent damage to the drive train, oil pan or four-wheel drive systems. These plates can also be painted or coated to match the rest of the paint design of your vehicle.

4. Tires, Spares, and Improvements to Get Ready for An Off-Road Road Trip

The most important preparations for off-road traveling is the spare tires, which you will want at least two full-sized replacements. You may also want to consider improvements like having tires filled with a gel that will prevent flat tires from small punctures.

These are some of the essential improvements that you will want to do to get ready for an off-road cross-country road trip. If you need help with some of these improvements, contact a paint service like Central Body Company, Inc. to help with the installation of equipment for the body of your vehicle, protective coatings, and any painting that your vehicle needs.  

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